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IV Therapy Services

Looking for an efficient and fast-acting way to deliver essential vitamins and minerals to your body? Look no further than The Energy Medicine Clinic, where we offer IV Drip treatments that go straight to the bloodstream for maximum absorption and quick results. Trust our experienced practitioners to provide a safe and effective treatment every time.

Next Steps

1-Print the IV THERAPY INTAKE FORM, complete it and fax to 888-453-8200. If you have any questions, please phone our office for further direction 403-527-5911.

2-The referral then gets forwarded to Psynergy Centre’s Medical Director for assessment. A virtual appointment will be booked with you.  There is a one-time fee (Lifetime) of $50 payable to the Medical Director to determine if there are any contraindications based on the personal medical history supplied.  Should there be any changes to your medical history or prescriptions, an additional review can occur at no charge.

If DENIED, the process stops and reason for denial is explained to the Client, and nothing further happens.

If APPROVED-A prescription and approval will be sent to The Energy Medicine Clinic, and they will contact you to book in for services.

3- The appropriate administrator may contact you to do a medical assessment and if medically approved, you may be required to obtain additional medical such as bloodwork and urine analysis, prior to first appointment. Should that be required, once the results have been reviewed, the Client will either be denied or approved.

4- Someone from the Psynergy Centre or The Energy Medicine Clinic will then contact you to book your sessions.   These sessions are not covered by AHC. They are private specialized services-benefits may cover. Please contact your benefits provider prior to booking if required. 

Click on the Drip for more information on how it can help!

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