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Retreat at Cypress Hills

I'm so excited to be co-hosting this event with Jeanne and Dale from Divine Guidance -Empowering You. 


This is the 9th retreat to be held in the Cypress Hills Resort in Saskatchewan!


Our theme is "Discovering Your Purpose".​


Do you feel bored, dissatisfied, or empty? Does life seem to have no meaning? Are you unfulfilled in relationships, disaffected at home and at work? Do you find yourself anxiously ruminating on what the point of life is? Perhaps you have lost your sense of purpose or maybe, you haven’t yet discovered what it is!​


During this retreat, you will learn how to tap into the wisdom of your inner self that knows when your true-life purpose is out of sync with how you are showing up in life. Connecting to that inner being will help bring you into a greater awareness of who you are and why you are here.​Your purpose changes throughout life. What you thought was your purpose in your productive working life often changes once you have more experience under your belt! Priorities change, people change, values change and suddenly, you may find yourself at a crossroad – wondering what direction to go – what used to bring joy and passion, now brings isolation and loneliness.


​Discovering your sense of purpose is not a one-time thing – it is a lifelong journey done one step at a time, one day at a time, one moment at a time. Having a sense of purpose comes with feeling connected to others, determining your gifts and then using them in service to others.​


Are you ready to:Release old burdens and obstacles?Experience the deeper meaning of life?Activate your unique gifts and talents?Create a life that truly matters?At the end of this weekend you will emerge feeling lighter, refreshed and ready to embrace who you are, what you truly want in life and how to take your next steps forward into the future with confidence!Consider bringing your best friend or spouse with you to enhance your connection!​


Some activities include:

*Qi Gong



*Drum Ceremony

*Emotion Code

*EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)


*Oneness Blessing

*Forest Bathing

*Sound Healing


In your free time experience:

*Zen Space with hemi-sync & Brain Tap meditations


*Amethyst Bio Mats

*Quantum Scalar Wave Frequencies


*Terahertz Frequency Devices

*Bio Resonance Scan

*Sacred Geometry Frequencies

*Structured Water... and more!​


*Food to nourish your body and soul by Jordyn Guckert of The Shop Catering, Maple Creek, SK​


COST AND REGISTRATION:All inclusive weekend package $777.00 Includes all retreat experiences, 6 meals (Friday Supper, Breakfast, Lunch and Supper Saturday, Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday) and shared accommodations (2 or 3 bedroom cabins or townhouses at The Resort at Cypress Hills).


*NOTE: Register early to get first choice of accommodations!


To view pictures of rooms visit: www.theresortatcypresshills.cae-transfer min 50% deposit by September 20, 2023.


Balance due October 6, 2023

Cancellation Policy:- 30 days prior to event receive full refund less $100 admin fee- 14 days prior to event receive 50% refund less $100 admin fee- 7 days prior receive NO REFUND


Contact for more info and to REGISTER:• Jeanne at 403-504-9690• Annie at 403-866-5020



"This experience was enlightening and amazing. It is difficult to add for improvement as it was pretty perfect as is" (JC)


"It was an amazing, beautiful weekend. Very safe space. Thank you for your love and energy"



"The whole thing was amazing" (R)"


I feel happier. So much amazing energy. Very powerful weekend; love the group energy; great people, lots of compassion. Great job - thank you for a great weekend" (SW)


"Thank you to all those who created and ran the retreat. As facilitators and practitioners, you have created a safe place to be vulnerable, creative, supported, authentic.... I have allowed myself to reconnect with my spiritual self, to the Universe, spiritual guides and angels. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" (CB)

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