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Annie regularly assists clients in both group settings and private one-on-one appointments who

- are now looking for a wholistic approach to their wellness  

- are willing to look outside of what they have always done to achieve the level of health they want

- want to go beyond where Western medicine alone can take them

- would like to be supported in aligning their energies with guidance and ultimately, empowerment.... whether it be for physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health goals.

She also co-hosts biannual healing retreats at The Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park Resort in Saskatchewan, and coordinates our Workplace Wellness program and Team Consultations.

Throughout the year, Annie also offers multiple life-affirming and stress reducing workshops: such as Chakra Rocks, Zentangles, Acorn Mandalas, Salt Mandalas, Women’s Healing Circles, New Moon Manifesting and Vision Boards, String Art, A-Smashing-Good-Time, Painting with Breath, Container Collage and more…

Annie has completed the training, education and certification in the following areas:

-Bachelor of Health Science - Paramedicine Degree 

-Reiki Levels 1, 2 & Master and Master-Teacher

-Certificate in Positive Psychology

-Levels 1, 2 & Advanced EFT Certification 

-Meridian Stress Analysis as a BioResonance Technician 

-Death Doula 

-Terahertz Technology for Quantum Frequency Healing

-Heart Math for Trauma.

Currently, she is also enrolled at Quantum University in Honolulu and working towards a PhD in Natural Medicine.

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