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BioEnergetic Assessments Info

Bio-energetic testing is an invaluable tool that aims to restore missing or misunderstood information within the body's energetic field. By supporting this level of the body, you are enhancing your body's natural ability to optimally restore/adapt itself when faced with various internal and external stressors.

Bio-energetic testing also provides you with resources that help to pinpoint what forms of supplementation the body's innate intelligence recognizes as beneficial for supporting itself.

Essentially, Bio-energetic testing is used to provide your body with the support it requires to function the way it was originally designed to.

Bio-energetic testing is not in any way, shape or form meant to be diagnostic.

Bio-energetic testing can and should only be used to address energetic imbalances in an individuals energetic field.

It is important to understand that the body is extremely dynamic by nature, and requires a proper level of energetic communication in order to function optimally. Bio-energetic testing aims to identify numerous types of energetic stressors to which the body's "energetic field" or "innate intelligence" can learn better adaptive behaviors.

Each item that appears in your educational reports, rather it be a resonating toxin, nutrient, or any other energetic signature, is indicating  evaluated, the innate intelligence found the energetic signature useful in addressing a noted disturbance it is attempting to correct..

When the scans are complete, the balancing frequencies are imprinted right then into either a liquid matrix or a transdermal patch and are used for the duration of the protocol that is identified.  Subsequent rescans are done to correct what is out of alignment once the protocol is complete.  Specific issues or concerns can be targeted as well as general wellbeing.

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