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The Power of Intention - New Moon Manifestation Series

Next Date TBD

The new moon is the start of the lunar cycle, and it is known for fresh starts, new beginnings and practicing manifesting.  Harvesting the energy of a new moon is a worthwhile exercise and for the balance of the year, we will be holding New Moon Manifesting Workshops on the above dates.


We will gather from 6:30 – 8:30 to go through areas of your life you wish to manifest more

abundance, clarity, health, relationships etc.  It will be a guided journaling workshop generally done in a meditative atmosphere for greater creativity.


$33 per workshop.

$50 for the double headers. 

Limited Seating.

Reiki Hands of Light.jpg

Reiki Levels 1&2


Reiki is one of the most well-known and widely practiced alternative treatments that is recognized in the health care industry and utilized in many hospitals around the world. Reiki practitioners offer treatments for patients to promote relaxation, speed up the healing process, reduce pain and decrease other symptoms resulting from ill-health. Become a practitioner in the growing alternative healing industry!



It is universal life-force energy. It combines with and activates the innate energy that exists in everything to promote wellness and healing on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It brings the body, mind and spirit into proper alignment and harmony. Level 1 focuses on physical and self-healing. Level 2 focuses on healing at the mental and emotional level; healing our early years as well as past lives. It assists with addictions and clears negative thinking patterns. Combined, this course prepares the Reiki practitioner to begin healing themselves, others and the world!



Dale and Jeanne are both Master-Teachers with over 10 years experience as Reiki practitioners and teachers. Jeanne is a qualified educator with over 25 years experience.


Annie Anderson is a Master-Teacher with having first learned Reiki 25 years ago and has worked in Emergency Medical Services for the past 18 years with her Degree in Paramedic and is currently working towards her Masters and PhD in Natural Medicine.


This combined education and experience offers the highest standards in learning. You will come away from this weekend workshop confident in your understanding and application of this powerful healing modality.


In addition to the Reiki training, you will learn the very powerful HeartMath technique that brings the physical, emotional and mental systems into coherent alignment with the heart's intelligence. You will also have the opportunity to clear away any blockages, programs, belief systems running prior to beginning the course through ThetaHealing. Both of these techniques will ensure you are a clear channel for the Reiki energy.


Learn in the field of quantum scalar wave frequencies through several quantum scalar wave devices to enhance your experience! Drink Structured water to assist in the absorption of nutrients into your cells and to eliminate harmful toxins!



The investmentfor this combined course is $500. (You receive a discount of $126 when combined). If money is the only thing holding you back from taking this course, please contact me for payment plan options.


Bring a bag lunch. Refreshments and healthy snacks provided. You will receive a binder with materials.


WHAT IF I ALREADY HAVE LEVEL 1? Those who already have level 1 (copy of certification is required) and wish to receive level 2 can still attend and receive a refresher at no charge followed by level 2. Investment is $363.

Times of Event:
Friday from 6-9pm
Saturday and Sunday from 9-5

Next course date Jan 26, 27, 28 2024

Implementation Planning

"Crafternoon" Workshop Series

Strengthen healing and increase peace one "Crafternoon" at a time!

Join us for a Sunday Crafternoon event!

Stay tuned for dates on the following workshops!

They are designed to help you complete the stress cycle and assist in bringing your body back to a place of rest through crafts, tea and cookies.  We might not solve the world's problems in an afternoon, but we can certainly try and feel better about what is going on!

Each series event will have a calming meditation to start, followed by tea and cookies and one of the following events.

Chakra Rocks - Learn about the colors of the chakras and create your own meditation stone in the process.

Acorn Mandalas - Micro Mandalas painted onto genuine acorns brings relaxation to your mind when making them, and a smile to your face when you look at them again later.

String Art - Weave your way to relaxation with a hammer and nails... a picture will emerge and make a nice piece of peace in your life.

Painting with Breath - Ever wonder what your breath looks like when captured in a signature print?  Come find out at this workshop.  Breathe your way into relaxation while seeing your creation come to life.

Zentangles - If you are a doodler, this is for you!  Simple yet Zen like pictures emerge out of nowhere and take you to see a new side of your talents through pen and paper.

*Self-care Sunday* - You are in the habit of coming on Sunday afternoons to nourish your soul.  There is no workshop today, but you might consider continuing this trend of self care.  Have a cup of tea at a local coffeeshop and read a book.  Go to a movie with a friend.  We will be back the following weekend!

Container Collage - Do you need a treasure box to host your keepsakes?  Kind of like a jewelry box, but for special photos, trinkets, mementos, love letters etc.  The flip can also be used outside your front door, bedroom, home office, classroom etc as a  container to place your worries.  Write them out on a piece of paper and leave them in the container before you move to the next segment of your day.  Why carry the stress with you all day long?  Take them back out later if need be....or not!

Salt Mandala - Learning about the transient nature of beauty and how life's blessings come and go is a skill to be mastered.  This transient experience is duplicated in our boardroom and then transferred back to Mother Earth in our greenspace.  (weather permitting)

Choose from several booking options:

Single Crafternoon Workshop $33

Pick any three $75

Pick any five $99

Non-refundable pre-payment required at time of registration.  Changes to selection can be made as long as there is room available to do so. 


Chakra Rocks

Learn about the Chakras through art!

Learn how the power generating centers in your body known as Chakras, affect different areas of your physical body as well as your emotional state.

Clearing those areas can enhance the natural flow to the energy circulating in our bodies.

Getting grounded using rocks is not only symbolic, but practically speaking, a beautiful way to have a tangible reminder of how important clear flowing energy is to our body.

This creative event is a way to express yourself in a peaceful, stress-free environment. I will show you several ways to paint your rocks so that there is form and structure, but free flowing expression that is ALWAYS beautiful when it is finished.

You will experience a #micromeditation prior to creating your pieces, so that you can be grounded and centered before you connect to your personal power and unleash your creative side!

You will have the opportunity to create a piece of art for yourself, as well as to exchange a second one with someone else if desired.

Many who have done this like to use their Chakra Rocks as part of their regular meditation practice when they are finished.

Limited spots, so make sure you register early!

Investment: $20 per person
Return on investment: Priceless!

The event will be held at The Psynergy Centre. #2, 378 1st St SE

Date TBD


A Smashing Good Time

Constructive Destruction!

Angry? Frustrated? Sad? Irritated? Trapped? Lonely? PMS? Ex that is a deadbeat? Jerk of a Boss? Nosy Neighbor? Grieving?


All sorts of low vibration emotions that get trapped in your body when you have any of these feelings or situations can cause backed up physical symptoms and unhealthy processes in your body. (Think high blood pressure, headaches, feeling sick, depression, constipation etc...or worse....) We all can think of several things these past few years that have been, and might even still be, contributing to these oh-so-common feelings.

Join us at an event that is designed to address and assist you with what is going on in your life. You will experience several energy medicine techniques you can use so you have an opportunity to release some of these feelings, and replace all those lower frequencies with a feeling of peace and empowerment....AND.... you will also engage your creative side, as well as your inner child wanting to have a good old temper tantrum!! In a healthy way.....


Yup. Part of the experience will include decorating up to three dishes (think cup, bowl, plate etc) with the words or pictures that represent what your stress is about. Paint on the plate the name of the issue, and then when we do the release part of the event you will have the opportunity to smash it as hard as humanly possible until it shatters into pieces.

There is a concept called "The stress cycle" that is often left incomplete when people have hard times. This type of event helps close that cycle so your body can have a chance to return to a state of health. (see link here... )

Join us in the first event like this of the spring and get those energies unblocked in a creative and unusual way.

Tickets are $30 each, and include up to three pieces to smash.

Have a friend sign up also so you have the opportunity to bond and connect in a way not done before.

Event may be recorded and shared.

Event limited to ten participants.

Date TBD

Vision Boards



The Path to Success

My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. I work collaboratively throughout the entire process . Contact me to find out how I can help today.

2003 Vision board.jpg

Manifest what is in your dreams!

So many of us, for many years, think that when the clock strikes midnight on January first, everything in their life will change just because they decide it to be that way.

It would be great if life worked that way every time. However, one thing I have learned is that while this is important to have the intention, thought without action, is only a wish.

Wishes are great, but results are better.

It is has been a month, and if you don't have the results you want yet, maybe it is time to try something new. Put your intention into action and see where life takes you.

Join me at the Psynergy Centre for an evening of co-creation. Let your hopes, dreams, wishes, intentions and goals find life in a custom made vision board.


Download and print a specific picture of a dream you want to manifest if you have one in mind to bring if you like also!

Have an evening of creativity and allow your dreams and desires to find a new way to express themselves.

Allow me to also enhance the experience by adding Reiki to your pieces at the end of the night.


Oh, you haven't heard? Reiki means universal life energy. It is used to amplify intention, clear life blockages and assist participants in their lives to return to a more balanced state.

During the evening, there will be an opportunity to learn more about how it can be used in so many areas of your life!

Limited spots, so make sure you register early!

Investment: $20 per person
Return on investment: Priceless!


Date TBD

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